Invitations for Every Occasion – Why Didn’t I Think of That?

Special occasions require and receive a tremendous amount of planning, expense and creativity on the part of the host, event organizer or sponsor. Here’s a unique approach to generating your guest’s excitement prior to the event, while providing a lasting event memory, well after completion of the occasion.

Provide your guests with performance sunglasses for attending the meeting or occasion or to thank them for participating in your event. Spring, Summer and Fall meetings, events or special occasions typically include some element of outdoor activity and always include elements of sun, sand and sea. Sunglasses are a perfect metaphor to compliment any outdoor event or activity.

Your attendees receive a unique gift – polarized sunglasses, including customization of the included components – a polishing pouch, protective hard case and floating restraint strap.

Print the event invitation details on an accompanying micro fiber polishing cloth. Place the name of the event or sponsor on the included protective hard case and floating restraint strap. Send all materials to your invitees. Direct the recipients to bring both pouch and case to event registration, where the attendees will then select polarized sunglasses from an assortment of Women’s, Men’s and Youth styles, each with multiple lens and frame color combinations.

Standard print or e-mail invitations serve to diminish any excitement leading to the event because typical announcements follow a standard protocol of every event ever attended – receive an invitation in the mail or e-mail, RSVP, save the date and wait for the event date. At the completion of the event, it’s rare that there is any reminder of attending the event, particularly important if there was a positive impression or association formed by attending the occasion.

The aforementioned are creative ideas to make your occasion memorable by avoiding status quo event elements. For any occasion – weddings, corporate meetings, grand openings, test drives, golf outings, alumni events or reward trips, customized sunglasses represents a clear departure from status quo event announcements or invitations and delivers a creative way to strengthen the association among the event, host, attendee and sponsors.

Individuals requiring corrective or prescription lenses are encouraged to select styles for a significant other, or they may select a hybrid goggle – sunglasses that actually floats – great for kayaking, kite boarding, fishing, sailing or any water related activity.

Lost Funding? Do This

Maybe it’s happened to you already. Maybe it’s gonna happen. (It almost certainly will eventually… )

A grant you depend on has been awarded to another NPO. Or you lost a major donor. Maybe government has cut your funding.

Whatever the case, you need raise funds NOW.

What do you do?

I can’t give you a long term solution, but I can tell you one thing you can do right now to buy some time.

Send out an emergency appeal letter.

Now is not the time to put on a show of strength.

They know you depend on them for funding. And they also know that emergencies happen.

Write your donors a letter, and be honest. Tell them what’s happened, why it matters, and what they can do to help.

“We need you now more than ever. We’ve lost an important source of funding. This is the program (or programs) affected. We need to raise $X to keep them going. Let me introduce you to , who is depending on us for … If everyone would give $X, we can get through this. Please give what you can.”

Will it replace the dependable funding you had? No. (But really, how dependable was it if it can be lost so suddenly?)

Will the letter help? You bet.

It’ll also show your donors that you aren’t about to quit (assuming your loss of funding is public info) and that their money is well spent, still going to help the people they’re hoping to help.

Does your letter need to be long? Not really. People will understand a short letter – after all, you don’t have time to waste writing a longer one, right? This is an emergency!

Figure out what you need to get through the current crisis, and then ask for it.

Don’t worry about how the letter fits into your mailing schedule. It’s a special case. Your donors will understand.

And you’ll write it that way. You aren’t trying to raise money for your organization in general. It’s not another annual appeal letter.

This is an emergency! You’re trying to raise funds right now for a very specific reason. It’s not part of a larger campaign. This letter is the campaign.

Something to consider:

Is the loss of funds public information? Did government cut your funding? Are people angry about it? If they are, use that anger.

Angry donors are motivated donors. Give them a way to channel their anger into something positive – like donating to you.

Something else to consider:

When it’s all said and done, be sure to really thank the donors who leapt to the challenge. They deserve your deepest gratitude. They were there when you needed them most. Tell them that, and make sure they feel appreciated

The Five Church Fundraising Tips You Need To Know

Have you been noticing a decrease in your church funds and does this make you worry? Well, it should definitely but you should also know that this wouldn’t really stay for long if you can implement a few tips of fundraising and improving the current state of your church funds.

Okay, but the concern here is raising funds and knowing exactly what you need to do in order to get the best outcome when it comes to fundraising. This article has the top five church fundraising tips that wouldn’t get you idea of fundraising be just another idea, rather it will make it into something that you can be really proud of. So, while there might be a lot of things running in your head about church fundraising and the many problems about it, the one thing you shouldn’t really miss out on is reading this post until the end – because that’s exactly you really need right now.

Stay positive: The solution to all your problems will be right there – you just need to look at things more positively and everything else will be just fine. Stay positive about your fundraising strategy and everything else will eventually fall into place. Also, be enthusiastic – people don’t want to give money away, but they definitely want to be a part of a great cause, an exciting dream, or a bold vision. So when you ask for a donation, have enthusiasm and energy! Don’t just ask for asking, and don’t just ask for money. When you seek out donations, smile and share your enthusiasm for your fundraiser.

Ask people to join your team: The most successful groups are the ones who go beyond just asking for money. When you ask people to give you money, you’re asking them to join your team, not just open their wallets. So make sure you tell people why they need to be a part of your cause or mission. You’ll be surprised how excited people get when they learn how to be a part of something special.

Don’t be afraid to ask people for a favor: One thing you should never be afraid of is asking people for a fund favor whenever you need it. Remember you will raise just zero dollars if you do not ask – so if you want to raise funds for your church ask people to donate. This is not begging, this is for a good cause and the best fundraisers are the ones who’re unafraid to ask for a favor.

Set a goal: Your goal for any fundraising campaign should be fixed because you just cannot start and stop the campaign as and when you desire. Set realistic goals and work hard to achieve them within the stipulated time period. Fundraising without a realistic goal would lead you to nowhere, so make sure you know exactly what you want and how you will move in that direction.

Celebrate: When your fundraiser is complete, don’t forget to thank and congratulate your team. Fundraising is hard work. Your team deserves a high-five! Some groups plan victory parties even when they get started. This helps to give the group more focus and enthusiasm. Call-out your most successful team members and let everyone know how much you appreciate their help raising money!